Updated:  Monday, October 3, 2005




This course is designed to prepare you for your Professional Semester. It includes a 30-hour field experience in a public school as well as classroom discussions and readings designed to compliment that experience. During the field experience, students will carry out a series of observations and interviews in order to learn about the role of the teacher, variables of the classroom environment and the characteristics of schools. Goals of the course include strengthening observation skills, building an awareness of classroom/school operations and interactions and their impact on practice and student achievement, and assessing the multiple roles of a teacher and other professionals within the school.

The resources/assignments below and to the right are necessary for our class. Please download them and bring them to our second session on Tuesday, September 20.

Classroom Management Paper (.pdf file)

Classroom Management Rubric (.pdf file)



important documents (.pdf files)


visitation log

formats for reflective journals

formats for reflective journals (word file)

sample journal entry

portrait of a teacher

what is a philosophy of teaching statement?

a brief example of a philosophy of teaching statement

guide for lesson planning